Mural Mural On The Wall

I adore murals.  There is something fantastical about them.  An artist presented with an entire wall or walls to paint screams dream commission to me.  Would you feel like a modern day Michelangelo?

A bedroom in Los Angeles that looks more like Paris…

Elizabeth Duquette artist.  Hutton Wilkinson designer.

I love the limited color palette and loose style.  Elizabeth Duquette is probably more famous for whom she was married to, which is a shame, as she was a woman of immense talent.  She worked with her legendary husband, Tony Duquette, designer of interiors, furnishings, and film sets.  A prolific painter, she created this gorgeous mural in a bedroom belonging to designer Hutton Wilkinson.

We see more murals in commercial properties today rather than in residential.  Oscar restaurant in London has an extraordinary mural you can envision yourself in.

Alexander Hollweg mural – Kit Kemp interior design – Charlotte Street Hotel, London

The mural depicts everyday scenes of modern life in London.  Kit Kemp is a designer that specializes in hospitality projects.  In her design for the Charlotte Street Hotel  she commissioned this fabulous mural for the restaurant.  The color palette was inspired by the Bloomsbury Set.  Click on the link to the hotel to see more photos, it’s a stunner.

Oscar restaurant at Charlotte Street Hotel, London.  Alexander Hollweg artist


Now to Vienna.   In 1769, artist Johann Wenzel Bergl was commissioned by Maria Theresa to paint the downstairs rooms in Schonbrunn Palace.  Bergl worked on the rooms over a ten year period.   After the Empress’ death in 1780 the murals were covered up with wall hangings.  How horrendous!  To put that in modernish terms, that’s akin to paneling in the 1970’s.  Luckily, when the hangings were removed the mural was intact.

Johann Wenzel Bergl artist.  The Bergl Rooms.  Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

If you’re interested in seeing more of the Bergl Rooms and learning about Schonbrunn Palace click here.   It’s a lovely website.


Detail of a mural in one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, Toulouse.  I always order the salade nicoise and something chocolate for dessert.