Lemon Love

My deep need to make lemon muffins prompted this post.  From food to interiors to fashion and art we’ll explore the joys of all things lemon.

I make a delicious lemon dijon vinaigrette.  For two people the ingredients and measurements are:  the juice of one small lemon, 1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Olive oil to lemon ratio is 2 to 1 or to taste.  I like it tart.  Once you dress the salad the tartness subsides.  When buying lemons squeeze to see if there is some give – a softer lemon will have less rind and more juice.

I usually have lemons in my refrigerator.  On the rare occasion when I find myself lemonless, a great substitute is this incredible lemon zest powder.   The smaller size jars are perfect when you’re trying out new ingredients.

IMG_4600 (1).jpg

With the powder I also picked up a jar of blue poppy seeds.   I always run across recipes that call for poppy seeds and never have any in my kitchen.  So when life hands you lemons make Zippy Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins.

These are what mine came out like, rustic, real life, no filter.


Serving your bakes on a lovely plate with eye-catching linens takes the focus off your less than perfect looking treats.

and here’s the recipe from Elizabeth Barbone…


If you’re interested in making more paleo treats check out the World’s Easiest Paleo Baking book.

Best to talk about interiors, art and other lemony things now before a snack attack hits.

Let’s linger on this photo – a bridge between food and decor…  a great color for the kitchen.

Bertazzoni Range in the lemon yellow color way

A color of great intensity works best when used in small doses like a welcoming front door.  Four walls of lemon might make you run for the nearest neutral space.   Associations of happiness, optimism, and good energy accompany lemon yellow.  Try it on the ceiling for a splash of sunshine.

Grasscloth on the ceiling paired with a fabulous art glass fixture create a sunflower.  Phillips Jeffries Wallcovering.  Sarah Rose designer

Mixing colors in like intensities makes for harmonious palettes.  Note the antique sofa below is updated with a colorful, contemporary fabric.  Pops of lemon yellow with green and pink is very Palm Beach, in this case Boca Raton.  Designer Anthony Baratta created this exuberant interior for his parents.  What a good son!

Diamond Baratta Design

A cheerful blown glass millefiori pendant casts a golden glow.

Pendant light from Gloria’s restaurant illuminated my margarita on Cinco de Mayo. (It was more like Siete de Mayo)

Paint dated brown furniture lemon yellow and watch your interiors pop!  Or lacquer to add shine.

Kelly Wearstler design
The yellow table makes this room POP –  Interior by John Peixinho – The Home Book

I would like to live in a Matisse painting wearing a patterned Gucci dress.

Harmony In Yellow, Henri Matisse, 1928

Black and white with yellow is a classic combination that works in traditional and modern interiors.  You can even combine the two styles.  Designer Kelly Wearstler infuses traditional architecture with contemporary furnishings, accessories and a squeeze of lemon.

Kelly Wearstler design.

Bold strokes from another favorite artist…

IMG_4950.jpgLectura, José Pastor, 1980


A little lemon goes a long way.   A fantastic chair in a Jonathan Adler room.

Rooms To Inspire In The City, Annie Kelly.

or two…

A shade of meyer lemon here.  Interior by T. Keller Donovan

Or a tiny bikini to showcase your lemons.


Yellow Bikini, José Pastor, 1978

The only time lemon is not good for me is in clothing.  My complexion is not compatible.  Pants could be an option, however, it’s highly unlikely I will ever wear a pair.

 I am not Solange.

Styled by Shiona Turini

Proof, sleeve fail and all.

Styled by my mother

A trip to Capri, lemon heaven, is in my future and I can’t wait!

IMG_4995 (1)
Lemons of Capri – Alexandra Apgar photo.

  1. You are just amazing!! I thoroughly enjoyed “Lemon Love.” Sometimes just a little bit of “Lemon Love” will perk up any space. Anthony Baratta, can I be your second Mom? I just loved the colors in that space. I also enjoy reading your descriptions with your touch of humor thrown it.

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