Black & White


We all know black and white to be a timeless color combination and when a pop of bright color is added magic happens.  Our focus is to highlight a selection of incredible interiors, fashion, and art in black and white.  Pops of color may happen here, but are extra, like guacamole.

Interiors Interiors Interiors

Let’s start off with a bang.  Obviously everyone decorates their home domes differently, this one is pure alchemy.

Tiled niche and dome by mosaicist Farley Tobin for Andrew Soloman.  Robert Couturier interior design.


My top three favorite wallpapers of all time includes this beauty Queen of Spain by F. Shumacher & Co.  It comes in other color ways, but why would you?

IMG_8545 2
Jennifer Vaughn Miller interior design


If wallpaper isn’t your thing, consider Rust-Oleum black paint and chalk.

Garrow Kedigian interior design.  Rajiv Surendra wall artist.


Or you could do wallpaper that looks like chalkboard.   Bonus for no chalk dust.  This is such a cute kids room.   As a youngster, the bedding me and my sister had was primarily brown and red with a Little Red Riding Hood motif and frankly, it creeped me out.  Sorry Mom!

Jennifer Vaughn Miller interior design


Clever closet camouflage in the bedroom below.

Ghislaine Vinas interior design


Classic pedestal sinks, thin profile framed mirrors, and gold toned fittings are understated and classic allowing the marvelous marble feature wall in this bathroom to take center stage.

Nate Berkus interior design


A Kelly Wearstler creation.  Love her and how she stuck to her black and white scheme here and then let a HOT PINK POP in.

Kelly Wearstler design


One of Clarence House’s iconic advertisements from the 1980’s showing their Matisse fabric.


Another gorgeous Clarence House fabric

Couvert de Feuilles, cut velvet.  Clarence House


A sleek table, white on the outside with a creamy, lacquer noir center.




Carpet from Patterson, Flynn, and Martin in an animal print makes a statement as a staircase runner.



Art Art Art 

The Meadows Museum at SMU in Dallas exhibited the sculpture of Eduardo Chillida this year.  Chillida’s drawings and woodcuts resonated with me most.



The Dallas Museum of Art currently has an excellent exhibit called The Cult of The Machine: Precisionism and American Art.  Here a work of art from Louis Lozowick in black ink on white paper.

Louis Lozowick, Machine Ornament No. 2


Fashion Fashion Fashion

I’m a huge Georgia O’Keeffe fan and always find a way to work her into a post.  Here is a printed cotton and embroidered kimono she owned from the 1960’s and an Emilio Pucci cotton dress c. 1954.  Her wardrobe palette was heavy on black and white.



Georgia O’Keeffe’s Emilio Pucci black and white dress, love the collar detail.

Emilio Pucci design


Minimalist chic from Manuel Pertegaz of Spain.  Sublime!

Manuel Pertegaz haute couture


Coveting these beauties…

JW Anderson Bags


Jonathan Anderson designed Loewe’s Puzzle bag which is on the top of my must have/want list.  Here is the Puzzle Bag in white with black edging.  Loewe has a great video at their website showing how a few of their iconic bags are created – tap HERE to view it.





In conclusion, here is a bit of wisdom in black and white




Till next week,



  1. You always surprise me! Incorporating your love of designs, wall coverings, fabric, furniture in your “Black and White Theme. Stunning is the word that came to my mind when I saw Niche & Domes, are those jester hats hanging on the wall? The only comment regarding “wallpaper” is “hum”. Nate Berkus designed bathroom I loved. The couch was very bold!! Table coverings “lovely”. I enjoyed the theme B&W.

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